About Us

We distribute the Most-Wanted Fitness Goods and Sport Nutrition in Eurasian and Asian Pacific Region.

If you have a Sport Nutrition Shop, Organic Products Shop, Gym or Fitness Studio, or if you are a personal trainer or coach in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, Kazakhstan - contact us! We have an interesting proposal for you!

We are open for collaboration. If you are Fitness, Wellness and Sports Enthusiast don't hesitate to contact us! 

We are open to collaborate with all Fitness, Wellness and Sports Enthusiasts!

We are the direct distributor, we buy from the manufacturers only.

We are based in Singapore and deliver Sport Nutrition and Protein Snacks all over Asia and Pacific. We have social prices on Sport Nutrition and Supplements for clients from Malaysia and Indonesia. 

No matter where you are. We can deliver.

Registry information:
EatClever Pte. Ltd. (No: 201414355D)
#06-01 Octagon, Singapore 069534